Orange County Genealogy Society

101 Main St, Goshen, New York 10924

Research Room

What is available within Orange County Genealogical Society's research room:
     (*) identifies items which may be purchased in person or by mail
Equipment:     (no coins needed, pay 10 cents per page when you leave)
     Two copiers, all of which enlarge and reduce
     Two  Minolta digitized microfilm/microfiche readers each with a laser printer
     One Windows XP computer, with:

          - over 40 Family Tree Maker databases (and a master index)
          - over 150 CD-ROM's including 1880 census of entire US                                                                  - access to the internet (sorry, no online subscriptions such as

     A master surname index of books and folders  
    A Bibliography of our holdings.
       An index of where to find cemetery information in the research room, and maps

Books about Orange County:
     Orange County histories (Eager, Headley, Ruttenber & Clark) (all*)
     Portrait & Biographical Record (*)

     Pioneer Families of Orange County (*)
     Genealogical History of Blacks in Orange County (6 vol (*)
     Early Orange County will abstracts (1787-1830) (*)
     Orange County church records (limited)
     Orange County cemetery listings (varied)
     City directories - Middletown & area 1899-1952 (some missing)
     City directories - Newburgh    & area 1899-1956 (some missing)
     Whig Press Deaths 1851-1865 (*)
     Whig Press Marriages 1851-1865 (*)
           (see also list of books for sale, all of which are on our shelves)
Published Genealogies:
    Family genealogies almost 500, with over 335 unique surnames
Vertical Files:
     Family folders - over 3,000 hanging folders, with
          information received from many  sources, filed by surname
          (over 3,000 unique surnames)
     The Elizabeth Horton collection (over 1,100 surnames)

     The Helen  Predmore collection (almost 500 surnames)
     The Myrtle Edwards collection (over 2,000 folders now integrated
 into the family
          folders by surnames). The above 3 ladies were paid researchers; now deceased)     Their working papers do not exist anywhere else in the world.
     The  Florence Tate collection (recently deceased historian) (on microfilm)
     The Dan Burrows collection (Dan's still very much alive; a former key volunteer)
Well-known quarterlies (OCGS has every issue):
     The American Genealogist (sorry, no master index)
     NY Genealogical & Biographical Record master index on CD-ROM)
     New England Historical & Genealogical Register
            volumes 1-148 on microfilm, with printed index)
     Connecticut Nutmegger + index of vol 1-28
    Index to Revolutionary War Service Records (set)
     Abstracts of  Revolutionary War Pension Records (set)
     New York in the Revolution as Colony and State
     DAR Patriot Index, centennial edition
     New York Soldiers in the Civil War (showing units)
     New York in the War of the Rebellion (set)
     Roll of Honor (set) (Civil War)
     Histories of several local Civil War regiments
     Index to Mexican War Pension Files
     1850 maps of Orange County (in 4 quadrants) (*)
           These maps are large and very detailed, with names of farmers.
     14 other maps (*) (see publications for sale)
      All 34 volumes of "Mayflower Descendant", indexed
      Mayflower Source Records
      Mayflower "Increasings", "Births & Deaths", "Marriages", "Deeds"
New England:
      New England Marriages, by Torrey
      Genealogical Dictionary of New England, by Savage
      The Great Migration Begins
      English Origins of New England Families
      CT  Genealogies of Connecticut Families (3 vol)
      CT  Genealogy & Family History of Connecticut (4 vol; partial index)
      RI  - Genealogies of Rhode Island Families
Other states:
      NJ - Abstracts of Wills 1670-1817 (13 vol) (indexed in 3 vol)
      NJ - Genealogies of New Jersey Families (2 vol)
      NJ - Early Germans of New Jersey
      NJ - Marriage Records 1665-1800
      NJ - Newspaper Extracts 1704-1782
      PA - Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families
      PA - Pennsylvania Vital Records
      PA - Pennsylvania Church Records
      PA - Biographical Record of Northeast Pennsylvania, with new index
      New England Historical & Genealogical Report, volumes 1 to 148
             with printed indexes)
      Federal censuses of Orange & adjacent counties, 1790 to 1880,
             with printed indexes), 1900-1930
      1880 Soundex census of New York State
             we also have the 1880 census index on CD-ROM)
      State censuses of Orange & adjacent counties 1825-1875,
             by town, no index)
      Mortality schedules 1850-1880 NY & NJ
      Index of wills and probate records at Orange County surrogate court 1787-1941
      Town clerk civil war reports for most of NY state
      Tax assessment rolls for most of NY state, 1799-1804 era
      Orange County marriages 1908-1932, with index  
      Orange County court minutes 1727-1856
      Index of Naturalization/Citizenship:
            Declarations 1802-1900
            Petitions       1827-1903
      Index of Orange County deeds:
            Grantors 1703-1891
            Grantees 1703-1891
      Index of Orange County mortgages:
            Mortgagors 1703-1869
            Mortgagees 1703-1869
      Newspapers (microfilm on loan from County Historian)
            Goshen Independent Republican 1813-1957
            Goshen Democrat 1834-1933
            Walden Citizen Herald 1916-1925
            Cornwall Local/Reflector/Record 1880-1909
            Warwick Advertiser 1882-1981
            Warwick Valley Dispatch 1924-1930
            Newburgh Free Library Alsdorf scrapbook vol I-XV
Referral cards:
      Hundreds of 3x5 surname cards with addresses of people researching those surnames,
            submitted by members and non-members.